"Wanna buy some chocolate covered ninja star cookies?" is a meme that originated from Invader Zim. In the meme, Moofy asks a guy if they want to buy"chocolate covered ninja star cookies". The guy says "no,thank you!" in a singsong voice and..well,let's just say that Moofy has a seizure-like meltdown while the guy says"What are you doing? GET AWAY! JUST GET AWAY!". It is theorized that after this the man either;
  1. Moved away,hoping to never see Moofy again, and

2. Simply lied there on the ground with a mouthful of cookies.

Moral of meme: Never say no to a Moofy.


Moofy: Wanna buy some chocolate covered ninja star cookies. Mister? HUH?!?!

Man who clearly doesn't know what he's saying: No,thank you!

Moofy: -meltdown-

Man who now knows what he said: What are you doing? GET AWAY! JUST GET AWAY!

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