• Tet Tat

    Division of Meme–Contents

    February 21, 2014 by Tet Tat

    Meme-Contents Of Placements:

    Non–specific Meme-Contents:

    a) Motivator (text in the right side, recommended white background for conotations field and black for meta–contents (with white writings))

    b) Demotivator (also can include meta-contents)

    c) (Image) Commentator (text on top)

    d) (Meme) Ruler (comment in the left)e) Imaginator (text centrally with projection)

    f) Cornerar

    Eventually skew:

    a. Memoirar (right down)
    b. Taggar (left down)
    c. Thoughtar (content: thought ease) (right up)
    d. Meme-Keeper (content: reference to taggar) (left up)


    a. Orderar (down)
    b. Superegoar (up)
    c. Diariar (right)
    d. Newar (left)

    g) Specific Meme-Content

    "For (popularity).". 

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