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  • Nk-the-epic

    Hello. This blog is a little late, but I always talk about big changes. This big change is the adoption of the wiki by Commodorelm.

    I'm glad that the wiki is in good, active hands. I am also one of two admins, along with FiretigerisMLG!

    Everything is changing. It's great.

    I've placed a promotion for UnderpsAreDerps since they have been doing a decent amount of edits, and they've been here for two months. I'll be watching some of you to decide other moderators. 

    I am just so happy. Being admin is something I am just so glad about. I am so happy that Commodore adopted the wiki. Things are looking up.

    I wonder if any of you guys miss Slicer Vorzakh. Do you guys?

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  • Nk-the-epic

    I have 150 Edits.

    January 21, 2017 by Nk-the-epic

    I'm so happy! I like the number 150 for some reason. I don't really know but it is just a neat number, in my opinion. What do you folks think?

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  • Nk-the-epic

    Here I am. Today.

    December 18, 2016 by Nk-the-epic


    A few days ago, I joined this Wiki. It was a special day, and it was also close to the holidays. I am really super excited to make some friends here. There are so many cool things to do in this wiki. So far, I am enjoying this place a lot. 

    I wonder if any of you have seen me on this Wiki. That's super cool if you have. If you have seen me, why don't you stop and say "Hi". Two letters would not hurt a person if they are sent once in a while.

    There's so many pages in this Wiki. In my other Wiki, the Minecraft CreepyPasta Wiki, there are only about 310 pages. Here, there is a lot more to peruse, and a larger ocean to swim through. I still love the Minecraft CreepyPasta Wiki, but this place is really cool as well.

    I am just so happy to be …

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