Well, I just got myself banned from paper shin wikia (ruled by wikiamem of course). I joined there, and he SPECIFICALLY said not to add anything necessary here. I accepted this request of course, and only added unnecessary stuff.

"Paper Shin a.k.a Keroro Gunsou" is a fake anime created by Wikiamem with unknown intentions. Of course, there was no way to watch the 800+ episodes he claimed to have made. So, I decided to add something unnecessary:

"Where to watch paper shin a.k.a. keroro gunsou"

You know all the facts of the show, but HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO WATCH A REAL EPISODE OF IT? Look no further for i have access to the full series. =)

I discovered the ancient method to watching this historically accurate anime with 2 names (the two creators kept arguing so they just used both). WARNING: This method may cause bloody noses

so to do it, go onto hulu with a $5 laptop and watch "dragon ball 12" on it. when you finish the whole series then ride a motorcycle to the border of your country and break a apple with you're nose. (p.s. an apple computer works to ) so then go on hulu and put in you social security number onto the suspicious website that pops up and says u won a free car. then you might get to see a new epedode of db12 called "gullible human alert" and watc it then itll unlock a new show for u and itll be paper shin aka keroro gunsou ;)

Twenty seconds later, check your bank account, and if you can no longer access it, then it worked. Have fun watching (it will probably be your only form of entertainment now)!

This actually works all my brothers did it and now they never stop. This is the only way too see it. have fun m8s

Of course this page that followed wikiamem's orders was grounds for a permanent ban from the wiki. For that is the logic of wikiamem, the evil tyrant who fools people and kicks out all the wikia muckrakers who rebel and tell the truth they uncover from the dangerous wikias under his control. I risked and lost my life on two wikias so far. But this shall not end until the truth about wikiamem is widespread. Until next time m8s

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