The Mine Song is a song from Lazytown, and it is the most popular Lazytown meme of right now. It is from a song from Lazytown called The Mine Song, and it's very popular in word replacement remixes. A lot of channels have taken to mainly do word replacement remixes to this song, such as Noobelli. The song is from specifically the episode Dear Diary, which aired over 10 years ago. The meme is same as The Orly Song.


This mailbox is mine And this triagonal sign That blue balloon, the month of June They're mine mine mine mine mine

Ziggy's sweets are mine That birdie's tweets are mine The city street, both of your feet They're all emphatically mine.

It all belongs to me Everything that I see North, South, East and West I caress it, 'cause I possess it I'm Stingy, and it's mine.

And this instrumental break is also mine.

The floor and ceiling are mine All your feelings are mine You always knew it That's all there is to it It's mine mine mine mine mine

That's what I said, it's mine


LazyTown - The Mine Song Music Video

LazyTown - The Mine Song Music Video