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Shoop Da Whoop
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Shoop Da Whoop
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Shoop Da Whoop
Names in other languages
Japanese* シュープダフープ (Shūpudafūpu)
French [Please fill in!]
German [Please fill in!]
Spanish [Please fill in!]
Italian [Please fill in!]
Dutch [Please fill in!]
Family Unknown
Friends Dr. Octogonapus
Affiliates None mentioned
Debut 2006
Emotion/Theme [Please fill in!]

|emotion/theme = being wall-eyed as it opens up firing it's laser by shooting out of it's mouth.


  • Originate's from the series Dragon ball z and the character called Cell. He can't belive that vegeta and his son has gained so much power and then he screem's in anger, that's where the shoop da woop (imma firin mah lazer), is originated from.
  • Example, .

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