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Shoop Da Whoop
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Shoop Da Whoop
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Shoop Da Whoop
Names in other languages
Japanese* シュープダフープ
French [Please fill in!]
German [Please fill in!]
Spanish [Please fill in!]
Italian [Please fill in!]
Dutch [Please fill in!]
Family Unknown
Friends Dr. Octogonapus
Affiliates None mentioned
Debut 2006
Emotion/Theme [Please fill in!]

|emotion/theme = being wall-eyed as it opens up firing it's laser by shooting out of it's mouth.


Shoop Da Whoop is thought to have first appeared on the 4chan image boards (like most memes) in 2006, when someone blacked out a picture of Cell's face (a character on Dragonball Z), and replaced it with the Shoop Da Whoop face. The picture also had the caption "Imma firin mah lazer!", and also had the firing of said lazer. Since then, Shoop Da Whoop has been inserted into almost any picture you can think of. It has even replaced the Dramatic Prarie Dog's face, mickey mouse and pikachu. If a picture has been altered to have a Shoop Da Whoop in it, it is said to have been "Lazored or "Shooped". It also says "I'ma firin mah lazor!!!" when it fires a laser.


Since 2006, Shoop Da Whoop has gained a large amount of popularity, peaking in the summer of 2008.

He has also starred in a youtube series called The Lazer Collection by Dom Fera. You can make anything have a shoop da whoop mouth now. Mostly people make pictures of him firing lazers at an epic face. Even pac-man has merged with Shoop Da Whoop. And once even Steve's face was merged with Shoop da whoop and he fired his laser at Herobrine, like seriously? There are also many games that have the shoop da whoop in it. Minecraft has a variety of different shoop da whoop "skins".


  • It is rumored around the internet that if someone is about to shoot their lazer and you shove a taco into their mouth, they will instead swallow their lazer and shoot out Royal Rainbow, and they will say "Oops, I swallowed my laser.”
  • Shoop da whoop had a cameo on Cartoon Network's show MAD in ThunderLOLcats.

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