Remove kebab

Still image of "Serbia strong"

Serbia Strong (aka Remove Kebab) is a music video made by three members of the Serbian army (a trumpeter, an accordion player, and a keyboard player) with very pro-Serbian and some Anti Croat and Anti Turkish lyrics. This music video gained popularity in Youtube via several parodies and mashups.


This video was made sometime between 1992 and 1995 (during the War of Bosnia-Herzegovina) as a praise of Radovan Karadžić (leader of Republika Srpska, the Serbian government in Bosnia-Herzegovina) and is trying to rally the Serbian community to fight for the nation. However, no one knows for sure where and when the video was originally broadcasted but it is believed to be recorded in 1994.

A YouTube user named Momcilo made a music video called "Sve Dzamije U Oblake Lete" (All The Mosques Will Fly To The Clouds) with clips from the Serbia Strong video shown at the beginning. The video was uploaded on May 24, 2006 and received more than 378,000 views.

On August 3rd, 2008, YouTube user ARHIVISTA uploaded the full video with a watermark in the center.

Since then there have been several parodies of the video. A highlight was a video parody called "Tupac Serbia" was created on the German imageboard by a user named Sergej.

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"Dat face soldier"

The Serbia Strong video can also be recognized by the face of the accordion player, dubbed "Dat Face Soldier" by netizens. He is usually identified by his distinctly deadpan facial expression, from which many memes and parodies have been derived. The interpreter in the video is Novislav Đajić, who was tried and convicted of genocide in Germany in 1999. He suddenly died in 2014 following a heart transplant.




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