Sanes, also known sometimes as SANESSSS is a parody of sans from Undertale created by Sr. Pelo in his video Underpants: Genocide Ending [APRIL FOOLS!!!].


Appearance Edit

He looks like sans, but has a larger left eye with a blue ring on it, and he has a deformed body.

Further Information Edit

Sanes sings MOGOLOVONIO, a parody of MEGALOVANIA.

His most powerful weapon is Tom's head, that shoots a white laser.

Quotes Edit

  • "SSSSAAANNNEESSSSS" —In Underpants: Genocide: Spare sans.
  • "DO YOU WANNA HAVE A BAD TOM???" —First Said In Underpants: Genocide [APRIL FOOLS!!!]
  • "BOOM!" — Underpants: Genocide Ending: Spare sans.

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