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General Info Edit

Saneegee is the fused form of Sanic and Weegee after the success of the Metamoran fusion. He is the saviour and chosen one of the Memeverse.

Origin Edit

Saneegee first appeared on AnimationRewind's Cringey series Cartoon Fight Club, in the video MLG and YTP vs. The Illuminati.

Skills Edit

Saneegee has many skills, he has the Weegee Virus powers, and Sanic's MLG powers. He can fly, noscope, control the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and many more.

Hyper Saneegee God Edit

This is Saneegee's ultimate form. This is the Holy Trinity of all memes. He was able to reach this when he drank MLG Jesus's White Mountain Dew (Nectar of the Gods). Hyper Saneegee God is strong enought to take out the fused form of The Illuminati and Rick Astley, Illumiroldi.

Trivia Edit

  • Saneegee resembles Sanic more than Weegee.
  • Hyper Saneegee God is a combination of Hyper Sanic and God Weegee.

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