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Rules of the Internet is a list of protocols written by a group of Anons to serve as a guide for none other than the Anonymous. Essentially, it’s a summation of popular catchphrases and axioms commonly associated with 4chan. While some of the better-known rules are often referenced across image board communities, it’s also considered a forced meme by other Anons.

The BeginningEdit

The idea of making “rules of the internet” most likely originated from Anon-related conversations on IRC and later spread to relevant communities like 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

On November 25th 2006, an ED user Zen444 took a bold step forward for the lulz, when he created a new entry titled The 17 Original Rules of the Internet. In part because anarchy ran in the blood of Anons, such notion of “rules” sparked several rounds of debates and discussions in ED forum.

Evolution of RulesEdit

Some Anons were quick to denounce rules-making as a childplay, but other users embraced the idea and began working on the official “unofficial rules of the Internet” through discussion forums outside of 4chan. By December 2006, a wiki project dedicated to the topic was up and running at, courtesy of an Anon based in San Diego, CA.

The result of collaboration was a list of 47 rules on the Internet that are thought to be true, with the word “Internet” used in a highly subjective sense. On the main page of the site, it reads:

“This will set a Guideline how the Internet can be structured. Politicians can not set these rules, the internet is for the people by the people. It needs to be the people that set the rules.”

Debates on RulesEdit

The most “solid” rules are 1, 2, 30, and of course rule 34 in the fact that they vary the least from one draft to another.


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