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Y pokerface-1

a comic of an alternative drawn poker face

Poker Face is a 4pane exploitable series illustrating mostly awkward and sometimes embarrassing social situations experienced by the main character, who always responds with a blank expression and a caption that reads “poker face.” sometimes in rage comics, Poker face uses dirty pictures or dirty words in the comic to make it funny. sometimes when poker face is situations like if was talking about making love in bed or trying to do dirty minded activites towards the female or any other person. and soon after, when he is caught in a bad situation, he may make a blank face or be embarrased.


First appeared in 2010 on 4chan’s /b/ forum, this Rageguy spin-off series was most likely forced in its development as part of /b/’s routine 4pane frenzy. apparently, there also has been a differently drawn version of Poker Face found on the internet as well.


Y neutral-bad-poker-face-l

Bad Poker Face, a clueless counterpart of him

There has been dozens of counterparts of Poker Face found on the internet. There has even been a lady gaga version of him that is titled, "P-P-P-Poker Face" which is resembling that the meme is making fun of lady gaga and also making the same face as the original meme. There also has been other memes of this same meme appearing on numerous websites and even on rage comics as well. There also has been a nervous or clueless version of him named "Bad Poker Face" how appears more desperate than the original and even though as his mouth is open. And sometimes, people use the Bad poker face meme in some rage comics rather the original. There has also been some rage comics that feature Bad Poker Face as well. After Poker Face has became popular, there also has been a pirate version of him who had an eye-patch and also a hook like a common pirate has normally used and also several others incuding, Dat A** Guy, a smiling version of Poker Face, and numerous other Rage comic characters with a different appearance and looks with the same face as his. There has been numerous counterparts of him with the same face who makes the same look as poker face does, and even though has made it very well known and also very different in a distinct style of showing laughter. Since then, many people started to make their own character counterparts of him with the same face for entertainment.


  • In the DS game WarioWare D.I.Y, one of the microgames is named "Poker Face" and the man in the microgame has a similar face to this meme.
  • like other rage comic characters, he appears as clueless like My Brain Is Full Of F*** and Are You Serious. And also has a similar emotion like Me Gusta does
  • After the popularity of lady gaga's famous song Poker Face, then a lady gaga version the poker face has been made under the title of "P-P-P-PokerFace" on red captioned letters.
  • He is one of the several memes that appears to have his letters captioned red rather than black. sometimes, the meme could possibly be titled in bold black rather than red like the original.
  • unlike the original Poker Face, there also is a smiling version of him named "Bad Pesefer Face" (as seen above) who appears clueless or nervous than what Poker Face.
  • on the internet in April 2009, 100% of people who has been searching for him on the internet has been interested on the Poker face meme.
  • The Poker Face meme is not to be confused with the song called Pokerjon Face by lady gaga or Poker Face as in the face of the poker (casino) game.
  • There has been an alternatively drawn version of poker face encountered on reddit, who is unknown who published the first picture of the alternative Poker Face meme
  • in the meme, the face usually is mean't to be in an awkward situation, like for example, in one meme, when he was looking up a dirty video on the internet, he seemed to be copying what he saw on the internet, and when someone comes home, he ends up with something on his face as he becomes blank when someone makes it home and thought he was going to be in trouble at the end saying "Poker Face." on it.