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This article contains content not suitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


This meme is another spin-off of Advice Dog with the starburst background, a Pokemon character in the middle, and saying above and below the aforementined Pokemon.

Unlike Courage Wolf, Socially Awkward Penguin, and other Memegenerator memes, Pokeparents are not limited to a singular template and as a result can not be quantified by Memegenerator’s tiered ranking system.

Pokemon FamilyEdit

The following is a list of Pokemon used in this meme, followed by how their family roles are portrayed.

  • My Dad – Awesome dad
  • Your girlfriend – Abusive dad
  • VeggieTales – Kinky mom
  • Dragonite – Father who is shunned by son
  • Vulpix – Disturbingly curious younger sister
  • Dragonair – Overworking mom
  • Bass – Pedophile dad
  • Hoe – Dad who is obsessed with cleaning
  • Kangaskhan – Mom who puts the baby before everything
  • Your Dad – Forgettful abusive dad on drugs
  • Stupid FNaF Fucktard – Little bro who won't leave big bro alone
  • Mukus – Dad who feels he raised his kids wrong
  • Undertale Fan – Shares the same personality as FNaF Fan
  • Seeeeeees – Always encouraging parent, wrong and right
  • You – Pedo stranger
  • Donald Trump – Metalhead dad
  • Queer – Nice mom who encounters all kinds of embarrassing moments (not to be confused with Jynx)
  • FNaF Fan – Not-so-affectionate sister
  • Me – Unaccepted Son
  • Asslick – Talkative baby
  • Tentahentai – Crack-smoking drinker dad
  • Penisgone 2 - Dad who cares about Internet too much
  • Dead Guy - Rich Great Uncle who buys you stuff
  • Assey - The most perfect mom
  • Megasm - A very overprotective mom
  • Pynx - A dumbass
  • Mr. VagiChaser - Huge Conspiracy dad
  • Snorlax - lazy dad
  • Eevee - does whatever you ask

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