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Nuclear Bunchie-Final Boss Of The InternetEdit

Nuclear Bunchie is the fearsome edit of BlackLead on youtube.Originally planned as an rare internet game meme,he went of to become the TRUE final boss of the internet.

Rainbow Bunchie was actually planned to be the Final Boss of the Internet.....but Nuclear Bunchie appaered after the defeat of Rainbow Bunchie...and then he turned into the True Final Boss of the Internet.

Some even called him the True Boss of the Internet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has COMPLETE control of the nuclear force his attacks can one shot any being or enemy,he has impossible durability and make his energy attacks grow and grow in both power and size for:Galactic destruction,Universal destruction,Multiversal destruction,and even Megaversal destruction.

His attacks:

Nuclear Boom:A large explosion of Nuclear Energy that destroys everything in it's path.

Nuclear Ball:A small ball of nuclaer energy which can one-shot anything.

Nuclear Zomg:Spreads nuclear energy over multiple Universes to destroy them.

Nuclear Drill:A short laser beam that drills into any energy attack and destroys it form the inside.He can basically nullifie any energy attack thrown at him.

Ultimate Hax:He can use his haxing abilities to stop attacks directed at him and even back them down.

He can also use this to amplify his own attacks so it can overpower any other attack no matter how big or powerful

Nuclear Disco:Shoots multiple Nuclear Lasers form his body to destroy everything aroun him

Nuclear Beam:A energy beam of Nuclear energy that can home on the opponent.

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