You mean this cake?


Nicolas Cage Wants Cake is a series of video remixes made by using a dialogue scene between Nicolas Cage and Téa Leoni in the 2000 drama film Family Man. The remix fad began in June 2010 as a short animation by Newgrounds member Harry Partridge (Happy Harry), whose previous works consisted of other notable animations, such as 50 Llamas Day, Saturday Morning Watchmen, and Chuck’s New Tux.


The dialogue came from “The Family Man”, a 2000 film starring Nicolas Cage (Jack) and Téa Leoni (Kate). In the scene, Cage’s character comes home to find the piece of cake he’d saved missing from the fridge, only to realize his wife is already eating it.


Harry Partridge - Nicolas Cage Wants Cake01:18

Harry Partridge - Nicolas Cage Wants Cake

The Harry Partridge video that popularized the meme.

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