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Moar Krabs, A.K.A. Morbid Krabs is a meme created by YouTube user Kortez3000. It originally appeared in the spongebob episode "Jellyfish Hunter" when Mr. Krabs was saying "more". It soon became in internet meme. Another thing came up called Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs, which was a video on a kid screaming.


At first, the transmogrified image appears to be Spongebob-like fanart. However, it actually comes from the season 2 SpongeBob episode “Jellyfish Hunter.” It appears for less than a second during a montage in which SpongeBob catches Jellyfish for Mr. Krabs, who constantly demands “more.”

Moar Krabs
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Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs
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MOAR KRABS!!!00:09


Moar Krabs video

OH YEAH MR KRABS ! ( the original ! )00:06

OH YEAH MR KRABS ! ( the original ! )

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