About him


MineCraft Awesome Parodys is a YouTube with 270k+ Subscribers as of 6/28/17. He joined YouTube on April 2nd 2016 (not April fools day) and has made many Minecraft Parodies since then. He has a Twitter, and Discord server. He Used to have a Patreon but it has since been deleted. However, he does have a Minecraft server with an affiliated Patreon.

Why is he meme? He has become a meme because his parodies are expertly crafted, and extremely pleasing to the human ear. YouTube sensation Dolan Dark has used his songs multiple times for his shitposts on his second channel "Dolan Darker", this has increased his popularity. He has also collaborated with grandayy (a youtube meme channel with almost 300,000 subscribers) to create an epic Minecraft parody.

His Videos

He has over 20 minecraft parodies, all of them being ironic and loud. Here is a list of them in order of release:

  • We'll Mine Again - Minecraft Parody of We'll Meet Again
  • I Banned You - Minecraft Parody of Halo
  • Mine Oddity - Minecraft Parody of Space Oddity
  • What About Friends - Minecraft Parody of What About Love
  • Just Give me my Diamonds - Minecraft Parody of Just Give Me A Reason
  • Stop Cheating - Minecraft Parody of Bring Me To Life
  • Diamonds - Minecraft Parody of Africa
  • Welcome to my Mine - Minecraft Parody of Welcome to my House
  • All the Other Players - Minecraft Parody of Pumped Up Kicks
  • Mine Diamonds - Minecraft Parody of Take on me
  • Librarian - Minecraft Parody of Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Diamond Mine - Christmas Special - Minecraft Parody of Silver Bells
  • Miner - Minecraft Parody of All Star
  • 50 Ways to Die in Minecraft - Minecraft Parody of 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
  • Mine On - Minecraft Parody of Dream On
  • Minecraft Steve - Minecraft Parody of Ocean Man
  • Mine Oddity (Official Music Video)
  • Break My Mine - Minecraft Parody of Break my Stride
  • TNT - Minecraft Parody of Nuclear Ft. Grandayy
  • Hardcore - Minecraft Parody of Paint it Black
  • What Redbone would sound like if it was a Minecraft Parody

His most popular parody is "Mine Diamonds" with about 3 and half million views as of 6/28/17

Along with his thrill series "MINECRAFT HARDCORE", an intense emotional roller coaster of raw minecraft action.

Today he has 22 million views on all of his videos together.