About him


MineCraft Awesome Parodys is a YouTube with 102,000 Subscribers as of 17/5/28. He started his channel on April fool's day 2016 and has made many Minecraft Parodies. He has a Patreon and a fan-made Discord server.

Why is he a meme?

He has become a meme because his parodies are terrible, ironic and loud. MrMrMangoHead has featured him many times in "We are number one" videos, increasing his popularity. His channel is a genre of bait channels, such as "Super Minecraft Kid" so not many people know if he's serious or not.

His parodies

He has over 10 Minecraft parodies, all of them being ironic and loud. Here is a list of them in order of release:

  • Mine Oddity
  • We'll mine again
  • I banned you
  • What about friends
  • Just give me my diamonds
  • Stop cheating
  • Diamonds
  • Welcome to my mine
  • All the other players
  • Mine Diamonds
  • Librarian
  • Diamond mine
  • Miner

His most popular parody is "Mine Diamonds" with 2,420,000 views as of 5/28/17

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