Millard and Obama

Millard Fillmore is a character created by the Youtube channel Rowdyruffboy120. The meme hasn't gotten that popular, but the creator said that one day, he will be popular.

Origin Of MemeEdit

Rowdyruffboy120 appeared on Youtube in December 6, 2011. His first video was Powerpuff Girls Disobey The Law And Beats Up The Police Then, he started making Millard videos. Some of the videos got over 120 views, while the others got 20 views.

Millard Fillmore InsanityEdit

Millard Fillmore Insanity is a collection of pictures of Millard on the internet. One of them was Millard In A Classroom where Millard is sitting in his chair while a Principal is whispering to him, "I'm stupid!"

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