The war between CNN and Reddit is the second largest war in Meme History, and it is still going on

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July 2017




United States, The Internet, Reddit, Various other countries posting memes.



Major campaigns

Saving Private HanA**HoleSolo The Blackmailing Return Of Pepe Net Neutrality for All Overturn the Net

Major battles

The Battle of 4chan,

The Battle for Internet Neutrality


Reddit and 4chan, Amazon and Google, Most of the Internet.


FCC, Congress

Comcast, Verison, ATNT

today. Here's what's happening according to reddit:

The Beginning: July 4th - July 8 Edit

On July 4th, Donald Trump tweeted a video, a clip of an old WWE show involving Trump which was edited so that the man Trump throws to the ground has a CNN logo for a head.

CNN as well as other news outlets interpreted this - in the context of Trump's many statements regarding the media - as Trump inciting violence against the mainstream media. 

A couple of days after this, CNN released a story in which they detail their investigation of where the video came from. They claim that they found a user on Reddit they believe to be the creator of the video, and that they found the real identity of that user, and got in touch with him. From the article:

Since the article's publishing there has been a great deal of (internet) controversy and argument over specific details, but the crux of the matter is that many people feel that CNN's behavior crossed a line from investigative into vindictive and coercive, particularly citing the last line: "CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change."

Further fueling this controversy is some speculation that the user CNN identified may not have been the one who created the video in the first place. The version that the user posted was a GIF, whereas the video that Trump tweeted was accompanied by sound and edited differently. Additionally, nobody knows where Trump got the video in the first place.

July 7th - July 11th Edit

This has really been a war between Reddit and CNN. God Emperor Trump has tried to get out of the war and succeeded, but some of Trump's army is still going at it. 4chan is also getting into the war on Reddit's side. Also, CNN has blackmailed the Reddit user, who still isn't known exactly. Into getting the Meme off or having his personal details released. The Reddit user hasn't done anything but cry for help, and Reddit is supporting him by fighting off CNN, but CNN won't back down.

July 12th - July 13th Edit

The Replublican lead FCC is preparing to overturn the 2 year old decision that invoked the FCC's Title II authority in order to impose net neutrality rules. It's possible the FCC could replace today's net neutrality rules with a weaker version, or it could decide to scrap net neutrality rules altogether. That means that larger companies will get all the speed, while everything else will slow to a crawl. This decision might be partly due to CNN, but it's not confirmed.