John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. is an American professional wrestler, rapper and actor. He is the subject of the Meme Unexpected John Cena.

Unexpected John Cena Edit

Unexpected John Cena Is A Meme that originated from several YouTube Videos and Vines. It involves an announcer yelling : "And His Name Is JOHN CENAAA!!!", While "The Time Is Now.", His Theme Song, plays.

Are you sure about that? Edit

When John Cena teamed up with Cricket Wireless to make the Unexpected John Cena meme a reality they madde yet another meme. Whilst a girl was stating how Cena had "The eye of the tiger" Cena moved away a paper copy of his face, saying "Are you sure about that?" Before bursting trough the paper with an band playing his theme. The meme often depicts people making claims which normally aren't true before seeing Cena pop out saying "Are you sure about that?"