IUGH meme


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This article contains content not suitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

IUGH..! or Yuck! in spanish ¡Que asco! It's a meme that describes any disgusting, uncomfortable, and unbearable situation. It is represented by a gesture of disgust with a expression similar to a person sucking on a extremely sour lemon.


Iugh que asco meme primera publicación

Possible first publication of the meme

It's origin is uncertain. One of its first publications was on july 3, 2011 in a blog called "MecagodeRiZa" and "Taringa" but they became more popular in 2012 on Facebook and MemeChef.


Usually, this meme is used for disgustingly funny pictures and its phrases are written on the top or bottom part of a box.


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