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Grammar Nazi (a.k.a Grammar Police) refers to someone who believes it is his/her duty to amend any grammar and/or spelling mistakes made by others in conversation, even the slightest most insignificant ones. In most cases, the term carries a negative connotation of either being a buzzkiller who ruins a good joke by getting too technical or a n00b that’s fallen into the Grammar Trap, an intentional practice of using incorrect grammar for the purpose of spotting a Grammar Nazi.

Usage in TrollingEdit

According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, Grammar Nazis have special techniques and are often confounded as trolling:

  • “After a particularly pretentious Grammar Nazi (such as Hardvice) has posted something entirely tl;dr, a simple comment that states “grammatical errors: 5” will induce abject hysteria as the author attempts to locate and justify the alleged errors. This will invariably bring the author’s Grammar Nazi friends and enemies into the fracas, and many long hours will be spent on overly grandiloquent name-calling and heated arguments about what’s merely a non-standard but acceptable usage and what [is not]."