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Gooby (Goobs, Goby) is a perversion of Disney's Goofy. He is known for being in Dolan comics.


Gooby started off on some comics of Dolan Duk that was done in MS paint. Many people stated that the comic was poorly drawn, and it was accompanied by a bad English translation. Then it showed up on a 4chan "you laugh you lose" thread. Then it has gone all around 4chan, Reddit, Tumblr, and The Memebase.

Other characters (counterparts)Edit

Besides Gooby, there have been other characters in the comics and videos. instead of animal-like characters or characters inspired from cartoons, some of them was also inspired politically and even outside of cartoons as well.

This table shows some of the characters that have been in the comics and videos:

Name Japanese Based on Image
Dolan ぐっび Donald Duck
E-SnfdE1 400x400
Doisy/Daisu/Desy Duk どいじ でいずっ でじ だっく Daisy Duck
Morky Maus もろき まうす Mickey Mouse
Dafty Duk だふち だっく Daffy Duck
Bogs Binny ぼぐず びに Bugs Bunny
Spoderman/Spodermen すぽでろまん すぽでろめん Spiderman
Elrum えるらっむ Elmer Fudd
Prudo/Pruto ぷるっど ぷるっと Pluto
SwegWrestler すゑぐれすっれろ ?
Teh Jokur て じょっくろ The Joker
Qc7FGkTs 400x400
Gad ぎゃど God
D415234ebaa109a5a8ed2f96c45df121 by bluzz51-d6fj59x
Adulf Hatlur あだっるふ はとらろ Adolf Hitler
Ff6b95c76a764dc7313b96738b794a2a 400x400
DedPool でどぷっる Deadpool
Daedpul+yes+it+s+oc bf1f8f 3928326
Juses Crust じゅっぜす くらっすと Jesus Christ
Btsman/Btsmen ぶつまん ぶつめん Batman
Fruddie Fahzbr ふらっぢ ふぁずべろ Freddy Fazbear
Fruddie fahzbr
Osma bon Lidan おすま ぼん らいだん Osama bin Laden
735001 333453640100464 1465635141 n
Baruck Obuma ばらっく おばっま Barack Obama
K0sG1 FA
Rnld Sweginegur あろのるど すゑぎねぐろ Arnold Schwarzenegger

(Mainly the Terminator.)

Rnld sweginegur3


えろれど Gallade

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