Gold Membership Trolling, also known as “Gold Account Trolling”, is an online prank that involves posting a fabricated image to raise the false notion that a paid account is required to view the real image. This method of trolling is most often found on image boards, discussion forums and social networks.


On December 6th, 2007, 4chan received a large influx of traffic after a post titled “Top 100 Funny Pics From 4chan (NSFW)” reached the front page of the social news aggregator Digg. The same day, moot re-skinned 4chan to appear more “web 2.0” as a possible response to the incoming Digg traffic. 4chan users responded to the influx of new members by posting images that read “this image requires a 4chan gold account”.

  • 4changold (2)

    Gold 4chan GOLD Account

    “On January 1, 2008, 4chan will introduce user accounts. Each user will have a unique name, and will be required to supply a working email address. Also, in an attempt to keep bandwidth at a manageable level, users will be limited to 15 posts per day unless they purchase a 4chan Gold account to allow unlimited posting.” So, have you guys preordered your accounts yet?"


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