God Of Destruction Jabaer was once a young teenager traveling across the multiverse in search of power in his results he found the legendary grape Mtn dew. Just by drinking it he had gained immense power that made him a God Of Destruction. But he is no ordinary god of destruction, he has the power to warp all of fiction. Seeing all of the multiver

se he has being know for his crazy partying. Being a meme and getting his powers for grape Mtn dew. He has a lot of incredibly powers. His feat are some of the greatest he had one shoted beerus, saitama, super saiyan 4 gogeta, and went toe to toe with dankspine sanic. Another one of this feats is overpowering the illuminati mind control, now how is this possibly is that his mind is so high nothing can control him.
God Of Destruction Jabaer Saterday Crusher.

Saterday Crasher

Skills Edit

God of Destruction Jabari Losing His Hat

Without his hat.

God Of Destruction Jabaer

His All Meme Buster

skills powered to the max. He has the galick gun, saturday crasher, endless shot, raging fist, 420 spin kick, true dragon fist, and his ultimate attack which is the All Meme Buster the All Meme Buster can destroy almost any meme the only problem is that he can only use the All Meme Buster once. But in case that fails God Of Destruction Jabaer has a backup in case all fails he has two transformations Rage Mode Jabaer and Berserker Mode Jabaer this forms are fueled by Jabaer and by transforming he needs to remove his decepticon cap to become Rage Mode Jabaer and to become Berserker Mode Jabaer he must drink the raging Red Mtn dew.

Weakness Edit

Even a god with this power does have some weaknesses. He has two weaknesses, the first one is losing his hat that he wears on his head, most of his powers come from his hat. The second weakness is the Ultimate Meme Destroyers evil music, if he listen to it his head would literally explode.

Music Edit

Night of Nights(Guitar) Edit

Megalovania(Undertale) Edit

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