Fuzzy .666 is a creepypasta and the game was a glitch/halloween test. in the story a boy named hunter expiereiences a glitch/hack.


He was on the hub network website playing a game called "quest for the red shirt" and then on the bottom said "U SCARED?" then he clicked the play button then for a flash second fuzzy's eyes and design turned black and bleeding red. the game included unused characters such as bubbles, daisy, and puffy, he played as bubbles but in 18 seconds fuzzy appeared and bubbles started to walk towards him and then for a split second he turned into the satanic design again. then he played as daisy and the background was black with a red sun and she was staring in the tree bubbles was hanging on. the background turned dark red and fuzzy started to glide towards daisy leaving nothing but pitch black then he played as puffy, then puffy was walking in a abandon city with coffins and ghosts. in fear, he died of fuzzy.exe stealing his soul. the game was removed completely after halloween and can't be found on the website.

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