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Forever Alone
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Forever Alone
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Names in other languages
Japanese* 永遠アローン (Eien Arōn) *
French Toujours Seul
German [Please fill in!]
Spanish [Please fill in!]
Italian [Please fill in!]
Dutch [Please fill in!]
Family None mentioned
Friends Apparently none
Affiliates Never Alone (Reverse Counterpart)
Debut [Please fill in!]

Forever Alone

The Creator of Forever Alone00:50

The Creator of Forever Alone

The Creator of Forever Alone

Forever Alone is one of the most famous Rage Comic characters and Advice Animals.


Forever Alone is a meme that is usually used when someone is not being responded to or nobody is paying attention to them. It means that they are alone and have nobody to talk to or be with.

Rage wars versionEdit

Forever alone looks different in the game Rage Wars: Meme Shooter. His name has changed from "forever alone" to "forevalone" and his head is completely round instead of having a very big chin. He also has snot running down his nose. His small smile has also been replaced by a sad face. He also has eyebrows but has no headlines on his forehead, unlike how he is usually seen.

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