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Windows XP startup earrape00:05

Windows XP startup earrape

What Is Ear Rape? The Meaning And Origin of Earrape Memes Explained05:23

What Is Ear Rape? The Meaning And Origin of Earrape Memes Explained

Ear rape is a term that refers to a popular practice online and especially in meme culture.The term describes the term describes the trend of very loud and distorted audio clips,that often appear in Youtube videos and memes.The memes and videos in which it appears vastly different.It could be literally be any video, any meme, there is never a real pattern to their use aside from the audio,meaning the practice of ear rape its self has become a meme.As you can see..or hear in this situation, ear rape is loud,annoying,and oddly humorous.Some of the examples online even legitly aim to damage people's ears, especially if you have headphones on.

EAR RAPE vine compilation - SO FUNNY04:06

EAR RAPE vine compilation - SO FUNNY

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