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The original picture with Japanese text added in.

"Dollthing.jpg", is a scary photoshopped pop-up picture featuring a Japanese doll with big, black, bleeding eyes, and a big, bleeding, gaping mouth. The picture itself became widespread around the internet and is overused by many people from YouTube, and from blogs around the world.

Origin Edit

The picture itself first originated in a Japanese blog, ("") by user, "AnotherR", around December 25, 2005. The picture had pieces of Japanese text in it translating that if you don't repost the picture into another forum at the end of the year, bad things will happen. And the piece of text at the bottom of the image claims that there were many people that died from not reposting it. [1]

Moving up to 2007, many people from Japanese sites, (such as 2chan, and Nico Nico Douga), were making


An example of a parodied picture.

parodies of the picture. They titled the picture as many names such as:

#1 - (私を可愛くさせて) Let me be cute,

#2 - (かわいくさせて 検索してはいけない) Do not search for cute,

#3 - (かわいくさせて 元ネタ) Let's make it cute,

#4 - (イケメントラウマ可愛くさせて) Ikemen Trauma let me be cute

Not knowing what the actual title of the picture is, it soon became popular around many other Japanese sites until the Japanese meme died down in 2010, but still later then became the most scariest picture around the internet.

Usage Edit

Around 2012, the picture was used in an infamous Reddit creepypasta in the /nosleep/ thread called, "Gurgles and Bugman". A few years later without not knowing the actual source, many people said it came from the Gurgles and Bugman pasta itself. [2]

Around 2015, a Facebook user, named Ahenobarbus Henocied used the picture in his profile. The user got taken down because many people said that he was posting a lot of gore and child pornography pictures, and even sending them to other users who were active on Facebook, or those who have subscribed to him. [3]

External Links Edit

1 - Origin of the picture

2 - Gurgles and Bugman

3 - Ahenobarbus Henocied

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