Dead memes are deadly, Incredibly common and are considered to be:

  • Cancerous
  • Terrible
  • Worse than Hitler.

Encountering one of these could result in:

  • Violent Explosions
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Loss of Genitals
  • eye arr nawt smarrteh (Very cancerous wording.)
  • Sudden catching of terminal cancer

We only have wrote about some of the deadly, dead memes... they are:

  • Keyboard Cat - This was a fantabulous meme that EVERYONE enjoyed. Keyboard Cat was recorded in 1984 and published on youtube in 2007. KC was a female named 'Fatso'. Sadly, Fatso died in 1987 due to cancer. [In my opinion, keyboard cat would be funny for me if it wasnt for the death of Fatso so long ago. -AAA]
  • Dat Boi - Like Harambe, this was a very popular meme. It died in a medium speed. Even Nickelodeon had it in their meme generator before Dat Boi died.
  • Harambe - We thought this meme would live on, but.. It died pretty quick.
  • He-man - The He-man meme showed a song of He-man which is very commonly found on youtube by searching: He-man meme or HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA. The yelp is part of the song.
  • Cory In The House - Cory In The House was a live action television show created by Marc Warren and Dennis Rinsler. Cory In The House was shown on television in 2007 and 2008. The most common use of it as a meme was people saying 'Cory In The House was my favorite anime.'
  • Steppin on the beach This meme died. Its just old.

AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS, OR YOU WILL JUST DIE. ( Or, if,you're stupid, look them up.

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