A Creepypasta is a story that is designed to be creepy. Stories can often be gory as well. Creepypastas are sometimes abbreviated as "pastas".

Minecraft CreepyPastas Edit

There are several different kinds of creepypastas. CreepyPastas are often based upon books and games, with several twists. Some examples are Minecraft CreepyPastas, which are based upon fictional characters and updates in Minecraft that often become dark and gory. One famous Minecraft CreepyPasta is Herobrine, which is a character that is pictured to the side. I do not own this image, this image came from the Minecraft FanFictions Wiki. Another famous pasta in Minecraft is Entity303, which is said to be the new version of Herobrine, that is bent upon destroying Minecraft.


Herobrine Skin

Other Pastas Edit

There are several other kinds of CreepyPastas. Other pastas can be based upon real life experiences, while even more are based upon other online games, books, and movies. Some examples include Animal Jam Creepypastas, which are also based upon glitches and fictional characters.

Trollpastas Edit

Trollpastas are basically pastas that are just made to troll readers. These pastas are often short, and troll pastas tend to mock the creators of cliche-filled pastas.

Dramapastas Edit

These are considered to be variants of normal creepypastas, except there is more drama and action than actual creepy gore. There are no difference in lengths of both pastas, as they can be short and long.

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