Baneposting is a form of memery started around 4chan in 2012.


Baneposting originates from The Dark Knight Rises, in which there is a seen where Bane crashes a plane and takes a man known as Dr. Pavel.

Quotes from the MemeEdit

"Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA"
– The first line of the meme
"For you"
– A line said by Bane in response to CIA's line "You're a big guy". Most often confuse it with Bane's own line before, "It would be extremely painful."
"Well congratulations, you got yourself caught"
– A line said to Bane, a he is seemingly defeated quickly
"Yes, the fire rises"
– A quote said by Bane during the destruction of the plane and the kidnapping of Dr. Pavel, often used to tell about things like 2016 in general
"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask"
– A quote

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