囧 is a Chinese character that is commonly used as an emoticon in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. However, it is also used by non-Chinese speaking countries as well, especially in Korea and Japan. Because it resembles a person with an open mouth, it is used to convey distress, helplessness, disappointment, reluctancy, shock, dislike, defeat, embarrassment, and the like.

The original meaning of 囧 is “window,” and is pronounced jiŏng or jiong3 (Pinyin) in Mandarin Chinese, but is rarely used in this context anymore.

It is part of the ever growing Martian Language (火星文) popular among Chinese netizens and is also closely related to the orz phenomenon.

囧 can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Emoticon: 囧
  • Noun: I want you to give me a 囧。
  • Verb: When I heard the terrible story, I 囧。
  • Adjective: You are so 囧。
  • Interjection: 囧!What?!?

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